Inspection Copies

Request an inspection of Discovery RE (3rd Edition) on a handy USB stick
To give you a better idea of what you can expect in the teacher resource folders, we can send you our latest inspection materials on a handy USB flash memory stick.

On the stick is a personal welcome from Jan Lever (Creator and Director of Discovery RE) along with informative videos introducing you to the Discovery RE Scheme of Work, the underpinning rationale, an overview of the programme and walk-through videos of some of the 3rd edition enquiry planning.

You will gain valuable insight into how Discovery RE is organised and see some of the feedback we regularly get from people who already use the scheme.

Schools can receive an Inspection Stick FREE of charge – simply complete the order form below.

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Request an Inspection with our Discovery RE Inspection Stick
When your Inspection Stick arrives.

Insert the USB stick into your computer’s USB port. When you first open the stick a number of files will be visible.

Double-click the Welcome(.html) file to begin your Tour and the Welcome page (shown below) will appear in your favourite web browser.

Discovery RE Inspection Stick Screenshot
If you have any questions please check out our Teacher FAQ’s first (bottom section) where you will find detailed information about how to use the stick.

You can also call our team who will be glad to assist.



Our Inspection Sticks are supplied on the condition that no part of the Discovery RE package will be copied/distributed to a third party. We reserve the right to take legal action only to protect our brand.