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Dear School,

Discovery RE is no longer available as we are delighted to announce that the programme has been superseded by Jigsaw RE, our exciting new way to teach RE across your Primary school.

Jigsaw RE is the big sister of Discovery RE and turns Discovery RE’s medium term planning into lesson-by-lesson plans and adds lots more enquiries giving lots of choice as to which religion/worldview to teach when. To find out about Jigsaw RE and how it can transform RE teaching in your school (including saving your Sundays!) please contact us by calling 0333 188 2133 or email

If you would like to purchase an additional set of owls or replace any that have flown away, please select the ‘Owls and Extra’s’ below and we will send these out to you as quickly as possible.

To find out more about Jigsaw RE and request to access the new sample lesson materials, click the button here.

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