by DiscoveryRE, 24 July, 2017

Success Story with Meadow Park Academy in Berkshire

Significant success with Subject Knowledge and Assessment.

Meadow Park Academy EntranceWe find progression in Discovery RE to be very clear. Each year is different, so children build on their knowledge and what they learn in Year One is very different to Year Six. We also find the assessment structure to be very useful, especially with statements linked to the new curriculum. It’s very practical scheme to use and gives teachers a sense of freedom. They can use their own creativity, knowing that there is always a clear idea of where the children are heading in their learning and how they can get there.


Specific Impact

With Discovery RE, we know that we are giving our children good quality RE. Staff subject knowledge has improved significantly and the children are learning so much more. We are also pleased with their breadth of knowledge and that the Enquiry Questions are promoting deeper thinking. This is evident in their written work.

Sample work by Dawid

looking Forward

We will keep improving RE in our school and promoting deeper thinking. Discovery RE has given RE in our school a new lease of life and we are looking forward to being even more creative with our RE in the future.


Headteacher: Mr Stieve Butler (Interim)

RE Subject Leader: Simone Tissot

Meadow Park is an Academy in Reading (Berkshire) with around 313 children.

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