Discovery RE® 3rd Edition is here!

Bertie with 3rd Edition


What will I see in the 3rd edition?

We’ve listened carefully and created an even better Discovery RE, with expanded detail, improved layout and easier Assessment. Check out the new features below.


  • Age-related expectation Assessment process
  • Working Towards, At and Beyond descriptors for each enquiry
  • End of key stage summary descriptors
  • Exemplification
  • Assessment activity sheets
  • All colour coded to make assessment easy

New Enquiries

  • Three additional/optional Christianity enquiries (Years 4,5,6)
  • Three Buddhism enquiries (Year 4)
  • One new Judaism enquiry (Year 1)
  • Revised Islam enquiry (Year 6)

Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Completely revised full planning

SMSC and British Values

  • Mapped throughout


Discovery RE has grown into three folders:

The Three New Folders

  • Foundation 1 (Nursery)
  • Ages 4-7 (Reception to Year 2)
  • Ages 8-11 (Years 3-6)

USB Memory StickElectronic Version

  • Now on USB Flash Memory Stick
  • Much of the text is now editable to support in school planning

The Owl Crew

Fluffy Owl Crew
We are delighted to introduce the Discovery Owl crew.

A special owl for each year group, enables children to ask questions and have their favourite owl provide answers and challenge them with further questions.

The owls also appear in the planning as teacher prompts.

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The 3rd Edition is available now!

We have worked very hard behind the scenes to ensure it maintains pace with, and embraces, the latest developments in RE nationally and to add new things that teachers have asked for since the previous release.

You can order your copy right now in the Online Shop

We already use Discovery RE – Can we upgrade?

Yes! All schools already using Discovery RE will shortly be sent the link to download the 3rd edition for free! 

If you don’t receive your invitation email before the end of April 2017 then please contact the Jan Lever Group office on 01202 377192 and we’ll sort it for you.

Meanwhile, please feel free to familiarise yourselves with the new line-up in the ONLINE SHOP.

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Thank you

Thank you so much for bearing with us while we worked hard to finish the 3rd edition.

I hope it will enrich your RE even further once you start using it.

Very best wishes

Jan Lever