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Jigsaw RE
Please note that Discovery RE is no longer available to purchase. The Community Area is still available to all Discovery schools. The Jigsaw Education Group is delighted to announce the release of a new product, Jigsaw RE.

Jigsaw RE is a progressive and challenging Scheme of Learning for Religious Education for ages 3-11. It adopts an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning different belief systems (Worldviews) and launches in September 2023.

Jigsaw RE builds on and develops Discovery RE’s medium-term planning into a full-blown lesson-by-lesson scheme of learning including all the teaching materials needed and a full assessment package, not to mention ongoing mentor support, access to free training and a multitude of support documents on the Community Area, along with webinars and networks.

It is by far a bigger, more comprehensive package than Discovery RE but does not invalidate Discovery RE. The new easy-to-navigate Jigsaw RE online portal makes teaching RE a pleasure.

Discovery RE, translated into lesson plans in the right way, will be able to support schools to implement the vast majority of agreed syllabi and we will produce mapping documents to show exactly how.

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