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Discovery RE® is an enquiry approach to Religious Education that consistently delivers excellent learning outcomes

Discovery RE is a comprehensive set of detailed medium-term planning for Religious Education from Nursery to Year 6 (for 3-11 year-olds).

59 Enquiry modules covering Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism support the teacher to deliver engaging and challenging RE lessons with confidence.

Christianity is taught in every year group, with Christmas and Easter given fresh treatment each year, developing children’s learning in a progressive way.

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Discovery RE 3rd edition now available!


Ofsted and SIAMS outcomes
British Values
Critical thinking and Growth Mindset
Personal Development


  • 6-lesson enquiry modules for each year group covering the 6 principal religions with flexibility as to which religion is taught alongside Christianity in each year group
  • Additional Christianity enquiries fulfilling SIAMS requirements
  • New colour-coded assessment process including Activity Sheets, attainment descriptors, exemplification and tracking process
  • Full EYFS planning with a new, clearer layout
  • New Glossary

What's in Discovery RE?

Discovery RE® is a detailed scheme of work for teaching RE to children aged 3-11 years
Everything you need to deliver fun and creative RE lessons with confidence!
Teacher folder(s) containing detailed planning, activities and assessment sheets

Hardcopy Folders

Teacher folder(s) containing detailed planning, activities and assessment sheets

Materials in electronic format, editable PDFs, Journal Covers and Introductory Videos

Electronic Materials

Materials in electronic format, editable PDFs, Journal Covers and Introductory Videos

A special Owl to complete each of your chosen year group(s) or combination set

Owl Crew

A special Owl to complete each of your chosen year group(s) or combination set

Ongoing online mentoring support with Discovery RE consultants

Mentoring Support

Ongoing online mentoring support with Discovery RE consultants

Discovery RE schools can download electronic updates for free!

Update Policy

Discovery RE schools can download electronic updates for free!

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Religions Covered

Discovery RE® covers the 6 principal religions plus other belief systems


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What Teachers say...

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What Children say...

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There are two educations.
One should teach us how to make a living
and the other how to live.
John Adams
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Discovery RE (3rd Edition) - Pricing

Discovery RE® can be purchased in a variety of sets offering choice and value for your size of school

Single Year Group Set(s)

£ 145

New 3rd Edition
Single Folder

  • Slimline Folder Comprising
    • Your choice of Year Group
  • E-Resources on USB stick
  • Matching Owl
  • Ongoing Mentoring Support

Combination Sets

£ See Shop

*price depends on combination
Example Set

  • Hardcopy Folder(s)
    • for your chosen combination
  • E-Resources on USB stick
  • Matching Owls
  • Ongoing Mentoring Support

Nursery and Primary Best Value

£ 810

New 3rd Edition
The Three New Folders

  • All Three Folders Comprising:
    • Nursery and Preschool
    • Ages 4-7 and Ages 8-11
  • E-Resources on USB stick
  • Ongoing Mentoring Support

Inspection Stick


Just looking?
Discovery RE Inspection Stick

  • USB Memory Stick containing:
  • Sample materials
  • Walk-through videos
  • Unlimited inspection period
  • for verified schools

All prices are subject to carriage and VAT which will be calculated when you place your order.


Here are some of the people behind Discovery RE®
Jan Lever
Jan Lever Director
Jan qualified as a Primary teacher in 1981 with a B.Ed (Hons), Religious Studies as her special subject. As an NQT she built an RE department from scratch in an 11-16 comprehensive school before completing an MA in Religious Studies at Kings College, London, in which she studied “spiritual development and religious experience in childhood” strongly suggesting this should offer insight into how to best teach RE
David Rees
David Rees Senior Consultant
David has been an RE teacher for 25 years including 12 years Advanced Skills experience, a member of SACRE and an adviser to local authorities. He has been involved in review and amendment of agreed RE syllabi and led numerous workshops for Key Stages 1-4 as well as planning Syllabus launch conferences.
Alison Harris
Alison Harris Senior Consultant
Alison managed KS1 and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) for 10 years and has led numerous whole school projects both within her own school and in liaison with others in learning networks. She also delivers training to NQTs and schools across the country, specialising in RE.
Julia Watson
Julia Watson Associate Consultant
Starting as an A-level RE Teacher before being a PSHE Coordinator, Youth Worker and Primary School Teacher, she now works as an RE Coordinator in Oxford and joined Discovery RE as an Associate Consultant after using the scheme with ‘unbelievable effect’ in her own school.
Elaine Arnold
Elaine Arnold Business & Marketing Manager
After managing Community Investment Programmes for the South West region for Barclays bank, Elaine left to work with Arts organisations across the South West, developing partnerships with corporate organisations, local authorities and charities. Elaine was Business Development Manager for Dorset for The National Trust in Dorset before joining the Jan Lever Group. She brings extensive expertise in business development and marketing to the world of education.
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold Operations and Sales Manager
With 30 years experience in local authority government including Stour Valley and Poole Partnership, Steve brings with him a wealth of data, financial and strategic management experience to the Discovery RE team. His mission is to ensure our Discovery RE community and partners enjoy excellent customer service. Steve has a great passion for American country music and enjoys the countryside and watching sport.
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